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Mobile and Web Based application functions

Fully automated permitting process
Role-based Dashboards
Geo location analysis and decision support
Document Management
KPI monitoring dashboards and Reports
Security (Single Sign On, Role Based functions)
Integration with other business systems.
Payment gateway

What is the Need

With the continual development of communities, Stakeholder coordination is very important to minimize the conflict while exciting the work. Public/Private infrastructure, utilities and assists are shared by different government and private sectors. it's really required a strong approval process and decision support system to ensure the smooth operations.

Who needs it?

All public/private sectors who are providing the No Objection Certificate, Work Permits to the contractors, also using this solution framework and intelligent can be used to automate any internal business process like example of issuing licenses, building permits, leasing process, Customer Service Management (requesting for Telecom connection, Utility connection, property registration process, Etc).

Solution Benefits

Save time and cost

Audit log and history

Fully automated work permit approval process

Easy to track and monitor the application progress

Build transparent communication between applicant and approval team.

Monitor KPI and perform process improvements.

Easy access the information from office and field.

Easy to extend the functionality

About Us

iSpatialTec started with a vision of providing the smart solution to address business challenges and community development. We have successfully built the rapid solution development platforms which will help to quickly deliver high-quality solutions with optimized cost. We deliver the value proposition to our clients in the areas of location based Geo Enabled solutions (GIS - 3D and 2D), Web/Mobility solutions, Business Analytics, Business Process Automation and Enterprise Integration Solutions.

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